BELLARE GRANTS are microgrants of upto 1 lakh INR per year to aid and provide support for education and health expenses, also to support research and open source software and hardware projects.

About the grants


BELLARE GRANTS is a no-strings-attached microgrants program of upto 1 lakh INR to aid and provide support for Education and Health expenses, also to support research and Open Source Software and Hardware projects. Some of the eligible causes/initiatives/projects are listed below.

Funds remaining to be granted in 2023

1000 INR

Previous year


Total funds

1 Lakh INR + 75,000 INR(NUITEQ)

Total money granted

1,02,000 INR


Initiatives / Projects / Causes contributed to in 2022

What kinds of projects / initiatives / causes are eligible for the grant?

All grants are no-strings-attached, it can be anything

How to apply?

Please fill the BELLARE GRANTS application form

Where are the funds from?

BELLARE GRANTS are a personal contribution by

Why are you doing this?

The grants have existed for around 5 years now, and we have made contributions and supported various causes and initiatives. The main purpose of setting up this website is to diversify the impact and reach. It also has a name now.

We strongly believe that you don't have to be rich or famous to provide patronage. We are just like all other common people who run microgrants.

If I get a grant for health issues, will my name be disclosed?

No name or personal identifiable information will be disclosed in Health grants.